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Warfighter Padded Patrol Belt

Price: From $119.99 to $139.99

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Made by: Shellback Tactical
Manufacturer Part No:
500 Cordura
3 Access Points for sub loads
Fully padded throughout
4 Suspender attachment points
Fits our Cobra Buckle Belts
3 interior Non-Slip areas

Our Warfighter padded battle belt is a tough as nails belt designed to be sturdy for load bearing use. The belt has stiffeners sheets at three points within the belt (Right Hip-Left Hip and Rear). The outer portion of the belt is partitioned making comfortable and highly mobile. On the belt are 3 Access points for the attachment of sub loads directly to the Interior belt your using. 2 access points are located on the Hip area, and the 3rd is located at the back to attach Dump Pouches onto the Inner Belt. 4 Suspender Attachments have been added around the belt. The interior of the belt is padded and integrated with Non-Slip fabric. Warfighter Padded Battle Belt is designed to work with all of our Cobra Buckle belts (Not Included).

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